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Protect your back!

Mydatakeeper protects your online privacy and your personal data. The Mydatakeeper box stands at your side when you’re browsing the web and automatically blocks cookies and trackers, whatever the device you are using.

What is it?

A Wifi box with advanced algorithms to protect your privacy on all your devices. All-in-one!

Mydatakeeper box is plug in your internet box. It automatically creates a Wi-Fi network on which you connect all your devices. With our advanced algorithms, the Mydatakeeper box automatically blocks trackers and spyware that stole personal data when you’re browsing the web.


Because your privacy has to remain private!

Spyware trackers or cookies track and record all your online activities. Those informations are used and sold without your consent. But they belong to you and must remain private !

For who?

Mydatakeeper box is super-easy because we want to offer online protection to everybody !

You would need dozens of softwares to protect all your connected devices when you’re browsing the web. You may not have time or want to take it to protect your online privacy. Don’t worry, Mydatakeeper is here ! We have developed this product to offer you an easy way to protect your online privacy. This box is easy to set-up and easy to use!

For highly connected people

Always connected? Block trackers and secured your online privacy, whatever the device.

For your entire family

Protect with ease the online privacy of your entire family without changing their habits.

For those who just want to be secured

Enjoy a secured Internet browsing with ease.


Super easily and without any computer skills!


Plug in your Mydatakeeper box.

Connect your Mydatakeeper to your Internet box and to an outlet by using the supplied cables and wait for the green light.

Connect your devices.

Connect your devices to the Mydatakeeper Wi-Fi network.

Browse with confidence!

You’re protected! Open your browser and browse. You’re protected!

What is protected?

Designed to protect all you devices

Your Mydatakeeper box is designed to protect all your devices. As soon as you connect your devices to Mydatakeeper box, our advanced protection algorithms secure your browsing and provide a high level of privacy.

What are the features?

A all-in-one solution to improve data privacy

Privacy is protected

Mydatakeeper provide you everything you need to protect your online privacy.

Data are secured

Mydatakeeper encrypts all your data using highly secured protocols to protect your data from hackers.

Web surfing is protected

Mydatakeeper box blocks trackers and spywares when you’re browsing the Web.

Easy set-up

No need to install any software to be protected by Mydatakeeper box. Plug and browse the Internet!

Auto updates

Stay relaxed! All updates are automatic.

Open Source

To ensure the best security, our code is open source.

100% compatible

Mydatakeeper box is using Wi-Fi standards to work with all your devices.

Help desk

Any trouble? We are here to help you!

What about prices?

A simple subscription plan for an effective privacy protection

The full protection package: A box and an access to the service. That includes all the tools for a 24/7 automatic privacy protection and all the necessary updates and all the support you might need.




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They support us

They are by our side, and we thank them so much…

Proudly developed and assembled in France

We are committed to work with local partners to assemble the Mydatakeeper protection box. All our protection algorithms are developed in Paris.

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