of Web activity is tracked by Google
Here at Mydatakeeper, we would like the privacy of all internet users to be respected. 


of Web activity is tracked by Google


of Internet users feel concerned about their privacy


of the 18-24 have already tried to delete some personal details about themselves.


Recent data leaks and privacy scandals have revealed online privacy issues. Theft of personal information or manipulation of opinion during national elections sadly illustrate the importance of “data” in the beginning of the 21st century. The giants Web companies are at the root of all these issues. They collect data and resell them without being able to control how they are used.
86% of Internet users feel tracked on the Internet, mainly because of targeted advertising. However, being effectively protected is still very tricky for the large majority of Internet users.

At Mydatakeeper, we would like to make online privacy protection accessible to everyone. All internet users should be able to browse safely.


To secure your online privacy, you would need several softwares or applications and you would have to install them on each of your devices. But sometimes, some applications might not be cross-device compatible. Others are paid for and the number of device they protect is restricted. It is also complex to understand what an application does or doesn’t do based on technical specifications.
That’s why online privacy protection is not accessible to most Internet users.


Mydatakeeper wants to give to all Internet users a safe and respectful online navigation by making an easy to use protection systems. Through this, we aim to promote a more neutral and ethical web.

The product we designed, the Mydatakeeper protection box is :
An all-in-one alternative to replace all applications and protection softwares,
Global to give a 360 protection solution for all the devices at once,
Easy to use so that all Internet users, even those with no computer skills, are able to protect their digital privacy.


The Mydatakeeper protection box is a firewall plugged into the internet box of the user. It creates a WiFi access point to which all devices in the house connect. Placed where all the data converge, the Mydatakeeper box scans internet requests of all connected devices by itself. It filters and blocks trackers and spywares to ensure a clean and safe browsing. Finally, the Mydatakeeper box encrypts all data and sends them through a VPN server to protect the user’s IP address.


A French identity: We rely as much as possible on French partners and develop our protection box in our offices in Paris.
We are also very proud to produce our box in our partner factory in France.

Icons designed by Freepik from flaticon.com under license CC 3.0 BY