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Developer, join the Mydatakeeper privacy by design ecosystem.

Web isn’t just about browsing. Online services like cloud or mail, developed by the big tech companies, collect and use personnal data.

More than just a simple “data firewall”, the Mydatakeeper box is a privacy by design online server that offer decentralized app.

Linux and open-source ecosystem

Mydatakeeper box uses Linux OS. Our team push updates to ensure the security.

Linux container

Linux containers provide an isolated environment for each app to ensure a high level of security.

D-BUS inter-app communication

Mydatakeeper box uses D-Bus inter-app communication software.

Web interface

A Web interface allows you to manage all your applications.

What we want

We want you to be able to browse and use online services that respect our privacy.

Modern internet usage revolves around services (e-mail, Cloud, …). Providing a privacy-friendly Internet usage also means providing privacy-friendly services. We intend to offer a decentralized ecosystem meant to be respectful of one’s data, and to cover one’s online services needs.

Do you have a project and look for a hardware to promote it? Contact us!


The Mydatakeeper box is powerful enough to run all your project.

Mydatakeeper developped his own electronic board to give you a high level of performance. We choosed each component through their specifications and integrate them in a way none of them is limited by an other.


ARM Cortex A53 Quad Core 1,8GHz



Flash: 4GB


WiFi: 2,4/5GHz b/g/n/ac

Ethernet: Gigabit

USB: 2.0 type A


Alimentation: 5V/2A microUSB

Dimension: 100*67*35mm

Icônes faits par Freepik de sous license CC 3.0 BY

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