The Mydatakeeper box

How does Mydatakeeper protect the privacy of all my devices?
Full confidentiality is impossible on the Internet. However, the Mydatakeeper box includes many features to greatly enhance it. In particular:
– By securing the WiFi connection between your devices and the Mydatakeeper box,
– By protecting your IP address by using a VPN (Mullvad),
– By using Mullvad’s DNS servers, which are known for their confidentiality, instead of the usual DNS servers,
– By blocking trackers and ads that collect personal information about your browsing behaviors,
– By blocking canvas fingerprinting, which allows you to identify your device and track it on the Internet,
– By blocking access to sites suspected of being dangerous (phishing).

It is still possible to browse with even greater confidentiality, but this requires a major change in browsing habits. In particular, we should stop using the services of the Web giants.

Does the Mydatakeeper WiFi is secured?
Yes, absolutely. The Mydatakeeper WiFi is secured according to current standards. You need a login ( found under your Mydatakeeper box) to connect to the WiFi. The data is encrypted using the WPA2 protocol.
I am using a computer that is connected by wire. Can I use the Box Mydatakeeper?
The Mydatakeeper box is designed to be used with WiFi. However, for those who have a computer connected by wire, it is possible to connect it to the USB 2.0 port of the Mydatakeeper box using a USB/Ethernet adapter.
Can I use the Mydatakeeper box with a 4G WiFi dongle?
The Mydatakeeper box works with a 4G dongle. To do this, it is only necessary to plug the 4G key (or your mobile phone in USB connection sharing mode) into the USB port of the Mydatakeeper box.
Does the Mydatakeeper box work with all devices?
Yes. All devices with a WiFi connection can connect to the Mydatakeeper box. However, if you are using the Mydatakeeper box’s 5GHz WiFi, it will not be possible to connect a device that only operates at 2.4GHz. Devices with limited connectivity to 2.4GHz are quite rare.
Will my browsing speed be slowed down?
By scanning and routing your traffic through VPN servers, the speed of your connection will be slightly reduced. However, the processing capacity of the Mydatakeeper box and the quality of the VPN infrastructure we use limits the loss of speed very significantly. In practice, your browsing will always be pleasant, you will always be able to play or watch videos in high quality.
What are the dimensions of the Mydatakeeper box?
Here are the dimensions of the Mydatakeeper box:
– Length: 10cm (3,9 inches)
– Depth: 7cm (2,7 inches)
– Height: 4cm (1,6 inches)
Am I protected when I'm away from home?
Unfortunately not. The protection of your box is currently limited to WiFi use. So when you are away from home while roaming, the protection offered by the Mydatakeeper box is not operational. We are working to offer a solution to this in the future.
Can I use Mydatakeeper to access content reserved for other countries?
In the Mydatakeeper management interface, you can choose to use a VPN server located in a foreign country. Theoretically, this will give you access to content reserved for that country.
However, the Mydatakeeper box is not built to override geographic restrictions. This use must be made under your own responsibility. We invite you to first consult the legislation applicable in your country about these practices.
Will some pages get broken or blocked?
The Mydatakeeper box scans all traffic and looks for elements that are dangerous for your privacy. Sometimes, blocking one of these elements prevents the web page from working properly. If you can’t get rid of this page, you can simply disable Mydatakeeper protection for this page.
How do I renew my subscription?
At the end of each month (or year in the case of an annual subscription), your subscription is charged directly to your account through your credit card. Mydatakeeper then extends the functionality of your Mydatakeeper box for an additional month (or year). If you cancel your subscription, your subscription is active until the end of the period you have already paid for.
Is that French ?
Yes, we use French partners as much as possible and are developing our protection box in our office in Paris. We are also proud to assemble our box in our partner factory in France.


Does Mydatakeeper track my online activity?
The Mydatakeeper box is fully standalone and operates in a completely decentralized way. This means that no data concerning the activity of the Internet user goes through the Mydatakeeper servers. We only use our servers for the authentication of the box and the management of updates. We also rely on private/public encryption keys backed up by the use of a physical security device built into the Mydatakeeper box. We make communications as secure as possible.
This means that it is not possible for us to track your online activity.
The only data we store is the customer account information we need to keep track of your subscription and payments.
Does Mydatakeeper's partners can track my online activity?
The suppliers we work with respect your confidentiality. In particular, we use VPN services from Mullvad, one of the most privacy-friendly VPN providers on the market. It commits to not recording any of your activities. Moreover, we do not provide them with your first and last names… For payment, we use the banking services of Stripe which is a major player in this field.
What data does Mydatakeeper use and store?
To protect your devices, the Mydatakeeper box does not need any data about you. To provide you with statistics about the protections done in your user interface, we store DNS/HTTP(S) requests in your Mydatakeeper box (and only in this one).
The only information we need and store is your customer account information to track your orders and subscription.
You're blocking tracking, but you're using it. Is that right?
Mydatakeeper wants to bring a solution for a more respectful web for everyone. To do this, we made the choice to use all the resources and tools we have, even if we are against them. If we don’t, the exposure of our project on the internet will be limited to people concerned about online privacy. These people have already looked into the matter and have already adopted good practices to protect themselves. They are not the ones who are most exposed to data collection and they are not the ones who need to be helped first. We believe it is essential to be able to reach a wider audience.

We also think that the hegemony and practices of the Web giants cannot be challenged by the few startups choosing to do without their services. On the other hand, the use of their promotional tools can greatly condition the success of these startups. And this success can lead to changes in Web practices. That’s what we hope, and that’s why we use these tools.

However, Facebook or Google tracking is blocked by default on this site as long as the user has not agreed to it, in accordance with the GDPR.

About the technique

What are the settings that can be adjusted?
The Mydatakeeper Box is designed to be as simple as possible. So changes to the operating settings are limited in “standard” mode. However, we leave the possibility to “advanced” users to modify the parameters they want: WiFi identifiers, channels, bandwidth, VPN settings, DNS…
I'm already using a VPN. Can I still use the Mydatakeeper box?
The Mydatakeeper box uses its own VPN. It is of course possible to use multiple VPNs, but this will have strong implications on the bandwidth and thus the speed of your internet connection. We do not recommend to multiply the VPN layers.
Can you give me more details about the hardware and its capacity?
We are using a proprietary electronic design. We use an ARM A53 Processor and a 2.4/5 GHz b/g/n/ac WiFi module. The card is equipped with 4GB of flash and 256MB of RAM.
Which VPN service do you use?
We use Mullvad’s services. This is a Swedish “no log” VPN solution known worldwide for its confidentiality and its high level of technological know-how. We do not provide Mullvad with any information about your identity (name and surname).
Where can I read your code?
Our code is still under development, but you can read it on Gitlab, here.

Other alternatives

What is the difference between Mydatakeeper and other privacy solutions (VPN, extension, browser...)?
The use of a VPN will protect your IP address by routing your data through VPN servers but will not protect you from trackers on web pages. Often, your provider’s VPN server will modify DNS servers to use its own.

The use of extensions or a respectful browser will protect you against web trackers, but will not protect your IP address.

Using a respectful search engine will protect your internet researches. But the rest of your browsing will not benefit from any protection.

You can mix and match these solutions, but you have to install them on all your connected devices. With the Mydatakeeper box, everything is integrated and your devices are protected as soon as they are connected to WiFi.

Why don't you just develop software?
We have chosen a box to be able to protect all the devices in the house at once. With a software, you would have to install it on each device of the house, one by one. It would also be necessary to manage all the updates. It would be long and boring while we want a user-friendly product for all Internet users.
Why not just use a Raspberry with Project Pi-Hole?
Here at Mydatakeeper, we believe that online safety should be easy to get adopted. We hope to make the Web more respectful and neutral for everyone with ease. Despite its great qualities, we think that the Pi Hole project combined with the use of a Raspberry Pi is too long and complex to install for a non-specialist. The software of the Pi-Hole uses a DNS block. We go one step further by using a HTTPS proxy in combination with the use of a VPN (no log). As for the Raspberry Pi: This is a brilliant board for many uses. But it does not give good enough performance to ensure optimal browsing experience, particularly regarding the bandwidths it supports and the power of its WiFi signal. It is also delicate to sell a Raspberry-based product for safety reasons. The Raspberry is a testing and learning tool, not a commercial product. For these reasons, we have chosen to develop a specific software and hardware, to combine performance, ease of use and ease of navigation.
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